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Surprising Urine Hacks You Must Know

Urine might be the one thing you automatically refer to whenever you are asked about the grossest thing in the world. Of course, with it being the product of metabolism released through one’s bladder, the fluid has always been associated with all sorts of unsanitary condition mainly leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. However, those scientists would not seem to give up in digging deeper into the fluid’s hidden potential. Fortunately, they succeed.

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Indeed, there is more to it as many ancient survival guides mention drinking one’s urine as an effective way to survive in a harsh nature condition with no food supply. Although many argue that the survival guide is merely a legend, it seems to be a pretty strong motivation for many people curious enough to find more about the fluid. Then, their discoveries have led them to a treasure box full of knowledge about what the liquid is capable of, including new inventions of synthetic urine.

Plant Fertilizer

a small sprout on the groundMany scientists have discovered the high dose of nitrogen contained in the liquid. Despite the fact that the fluid also contains ammonia, the element is pretty much an essential chemical substance primarily found in manure to fertilize plants. While it is true that the use of fertilizer is only famous in farms and homesteads, the fact can also help those people who have the wish to build their own garden. One fun fact is that those gardeners only need to literally pee on the plants. However, if you want to do it the more decent way, you need to follow the instructions below.

Pour your urine in a jar and leave it for several days. When the garden maintenance day comes, mix one part of your liquid with eight parts of water in a larger jar, preferably a plastic bucket. Then, spread the mixture around the soil and see what happens. However, this way is obviously not for those root vegetables, such as carrots and radishes. You know the reason why.

Teeth Whitener

Do you know that ammonia is a prominent chemical mainly found in many bleaching products? If you are fully aware of the fact, then, you have probably noticed that your urine can be a much cheaper alternative when it comes to teeth whitening kits. When the liquid breaks down, it produces ammonia. Further processes result in a bleaching product which is perfect for your teeth. Need to be more convinced? The ancient Romans also used the same teeth bleaching method.