Irish & a Wee Bit More!! Nine-8ths Irish are officially retired.

Chris and Linda kept the Nine-8ths Irish name alive by performing at the CelticFest 2013 in Jackson, Mississippi! They had the wonderfully talented John Burleson playing with them. They also played Fenian's Pub in Jackson for a bit of a warm-up. After CelticFest, Chris and Linda joined up with John under the name COOLIN, but have since disbanded, though there is still a website,

After forming Coolin, it was decided to finally officially retire the Nine-8ths Irish name. It was determined that the name belongs to the original line-up, with Kathy Barwick, Brady McKay and Bo Bowen. They all share a few great recordings, some wonderful live performances and a huge amount of fabulous memories, the band is now official a thing of the past (unless, of course, they have a chance to perform together again at a later date!!)

Linda, Chris, Kathy, Bo and Brady all says a BIG THANKS to the fans who have supported us, and we will see you down the road!!


KVMR Celtic Festival, 2012

The full lineup of Nine-8ths Irish (with Brady McKay) performed their final show on September 30, 2012, at the KVMR Celtic Festival in Grass Valley, CA.

Everyone had a wonderful time, want to thank John Taber for inviting us to play, everyone at KVMR for the kindness and generosity they have always shown us, our families and friends for all they have done for the band, and especially the fans who have enjoyed the music. We love you all!!


A Bit of History:
Where N8i Started

Nine-8ths Irish was formed in late 2006 by bodhran player Chris Dunlap, along with fiddler Linda Relph, whistle player Bo Bowen and guitar player Kathy Barwick. Brady McKay was added in late 2008, and the band as a quintet had their final farewell performance in October 2012.

Incorporating their vast experiences in a wide variety of musical influences and genres onto a base of traditional Irish music, Nine-8ths Irish enjoyed sharing their love of this dynamic music with audiences throughout northern California and beyond.

Though founders Chris and Linda relocated back to Texas in 2011, the music can still be heard and enjoyed. The band members all continue to perform, and they all are hopeful that an opportunity will arise to allow them a chance to work together again in the future!!

N8i Recordings

All three of the Nine-8ths Irish CDs are still available. The latest, "LIVE at The Freight & Salvage," is only available by personally contacting Linda - email, or get in touch via Facebook.

LIVE at Freight & Salvage Out on the Ocean


West of Ireland


Recorded completely live in late 2010, this is a great high-energy slice of Nine-8ths Irish at their best!

OUT ON THE OCEAN (2009) $12.00

Recorded at Paradise Studios in Sacramento, CA, this CD includes some original tunes, trad material, and some popular Celtic gems,this is the slickest CD from N8i.

WEST OF IRELAND (2007) $8.00

Their first CD, there are some great tunes on this album of music that is Irish and a Wee Bit More!!

Download from iTunes! Nine-8ths Irish